Join us for a fantastic 2-days of learning, discovery & fun!

AppsEvents summits teach you practical uses of Google tools that you can take back to your school on Monday. 
Our events are lead by practicing educators who are leaders in the Google Education community. 
Connect and share at our free evening networking party.
Why Attend a Google for Education Summit?

What can you expect from the Summit?

A fantastic two-day event with educators teaching other educators 
in a hands-on workshop style. The summits are focused on giving 
       you skills and tools you can put to work in your school on Monday.

Beginner, intermediate and advanced sessions on the core Google Apps for Education like Gmail, Calendar, Drive and Sites.

Explore other Google EDU products - Google Play, Android, 
YouTube, Google Maps, Google Earth, Advanced Search, Google               Administration and more!

Play with a Chromebook and try out Google Glass.

Network with forward thinking educators at our fun networking